Historic Kern, December 1997



The Sandberg Lodge, formerly known as Sandberg's Summit Hotel, was located just north of Libre Summit (4233 feet elevation). The hotel stood at 4,170 feet. A three story log hostelry set amid a grove of California live oaks, Sandberg's was a high class place. This is where one would see Cadillacs, Packards and Studebakers parked.
An early touring guide reflects: "Sandberg's Summit Hotel, 25 good rooms in hotel and cottages; most with running water and toilet;
Sgl... $1.50 - $2,50
Dbl.. $2 - 4;
Lunch 85 cents, dinner $1.00"

It was a small tourist community, post office, telephone and all night restaurant. It had a garage which gave almost complete service.

The lodge was owned by the Sandberg family and as part of its ranch, the ranch being south and east of the intersection of the present Highway 138 and I-5. It was on the old Ridge route built as a result of the 1909 State Bond issue, a change from the original route from Bakersfield over the Grapevine Canyon to Los Angeles and through Beale's Cut followed by the Newhall tunnel.

My acquaintanceship with the Sandberg's Lodge arose out of a friendship of my father, James R. Darling, and my mother's friends, Grace and Frank.

  Material for some of this story, was obtained from the article by Harrison Irvin Scott entitled "The Ridge Route: The Long Road to Preservation" in the California HISTORIAN, Summer, 1997 entitled "Ridge Route's Scholar," by Bob Pool, Copyright, 1997, Los Angeles Times, Reprinted by permission.