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by Bonnie Ketterl Kane
Historian, Ridge Route Communities Musem and Historical Society

In the year 1846, Rancho la Liebre (the ranch of the jackrabbits) was granted to Jose Maria Flores for his efforts in leading Mexican troops against the Americano's that were taking Alta California. As a part of "proving up" the grant a residence needed to be built, in this case a large and beautiful adobe building. In 1855 Edward Beale purchased the Liebre Grant from Flores. It was the first of the four Mexican Land Grants that Beale would acquire to create the present Ranchos El Tejon. At the time of the purchase it was written that Beale "made his home in the hacienda there".

Liebre Adobe today

The Liebre Adobe has been owned and cared for by Tejon Ranch for over 150 years. It has served as the southern headquarters for the Ranch and many notables of the Ranch have lived or stayed there. In 1996 the High Desert Hunt Club leased some land and the Adobe and it has been in their very able care since then.

Additional information on Fort Tejon may be found in "A View of the Ridge Route Vol. II