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The Frazier Mine

A very significant discovery was made in our mountain area in 1870 and the Ridge Route Communities Museum will be commemorating that event through this year(2010). Twenty-ten marks the 140 th Anniversary of the Frazier Brothers making the first sighting of gold on the mountain that would soon be named after them.

Warren, William and Edgar Frazier had come to California while working with the crews that brought the railroad across the country. They settled in Bakersfield and from there would come up into the mountains as “market hunters” – providing meat to a local meat market. When tracking down a deer they had shot, they happened upon some gold nuggets. They returned to town ( Bakersfield ), put together supplies for an extended campout and returned to stake a claim to the area where they had seen the gold.

Warren was the one who spent the most time developing the mine and continued to cover expenses by hunting. One of his first partners, Bob Maddux , wrote of Warren Frazier:

He took me not far from his camp to the croppings of a quartz vein and I broke some off and could see gold in it. He asked if I had experience in mining and if I had this, what would I do. I suggested he build an arrasta , which he knew nothing about, so I helped him build it. We could, with the help of one of the mules, grind about three hundred pounds of rock a day, which ran about a $100 to the ton.”

Warren Frazier
Warren Frazier



Mr. Maddux also recorded that Mr. Frazier had the bad habit of spending the gold on booze and once while on a binge he was approached by some investors from San Francisco and lost the mine. The new company installed a ten-stamp mill to increase production. The mine was worked as late as the 1980's before being blasted shut.

A display about this mine will be on display at the museum throughout this year(2010). The museum also has a good deal of detailed information on this mine, and others in the area.

Entry Frazier mine taken 1995
These two pictures were taken of the mine entrance in 1995
Entry to Frazier Mine taken in 1995